Acton High record label launched

Acton High now has its very own record label. The label provides students with the opportunity to write and record their own songs. Six songs are already finished and available to listen to free of charge on the AHS Record Label Soundcloud page. They have already enjoyed a total of more than 2,500 listens. 
Two of the tracks, including the first released by the label, ‘Want you back’, are by vocal quintet D.A.M.N.E (Denisha, Amelia, Monica, Nela and Ella). A third track, ‘Decisions’, is another group work, performed by Kenisha, Safiyah, Senka and Shanai. The remaining three tracks are by solo artists – Breana’s ‘Blessed’, Ines’s ‘If I could make you love me’, and Vicky M’s ‘One chance to live’.

The foundation of the label has seen professional producer Andy Gilbert (above, right) coming in to work with students and investment in equipment both for recording and live performance. The label is set for significant developments in 2018, with more artists poised to release debut tracks, plans for live showcases at local primary schools and a formal identity to be unveiled. Keep up to date with the latest developments by following Acton High on twitter (@ActonHigh) and reading our Parents’ Update.

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