Acton High School’s Governing Body comprises both the full Governing Body itself, and two committees. The Resources Committee focuses on what might be called the 'inputs' to the education process; e.g. finance, staffing, premises, IT and administration. The Quality Committee focuses more on the 'outputs' such as exam performance and behaviour. Quality also covers issues such as ethos, uniform, child welfare and safeguarding. All governors are required by our Governor Code of Practice to belong to and attend one or other of the two committees. A record of attendance is kept.

Agendas for the two committees are emailed to all governors, and a governor can, if they wish, attend a meeting of either committee – the minimum is one. Some governors belong to both. The Governing Body takes all governor‐level decisions, except for appeal panels. The Committees’ role is to give detailed scrutiny to their respective areas of school life and to make recommendations to the Governing Body. Exceptionally, the Governing Body may deal with an issue without prior consideration by one of the two committees, but there has to be a very good reason for such urgency.

As well as reports from the two committees, the main business of the Governing Body is usually reports from the Headteacher, reports from governor visits to the school and governor professional development.

In addition to the Governing Body and two committees we have a list of trained governors from whom student disciplinary panels are drawn. We also have a Headteacher’s appraisal panel, pay panel and pay appeals panel.  The Chair appoints any other panels that are needed; for instance in the case of a parental complaint that the school has not been able to resolve. 

Six meetings of the Governing Body and each of the Resources and Quality Committees are held each academic year. The Resources Committee meets on Tuesdays, the Governing Body on Wednesdays, and the Quality Committee on Thursdays. Meetings usually start at 6.30pm.

All Governors are entitled to vote at all meetings at which they are present. Associate Members are only entitled to vote at meetings of Committees to which they have been appointed.

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