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In Acton High School Key Stage 3 the Humanities are taught as separate subjects in Geography, History and R.E. At Key Stage 4 students choose one from Geography, History, Sociology and R.E. In your Humanities lessons you will be finding out about the activities, achievements and beliefs of people in the past and in the present.

Humanities is one way of helping you understand the world in which we live because it is concerned with people in different times and in different places.

We expect Humanities students at Acton High School to be interested in finding things out and investigating. You will be like a detective searching for clues and using all sorts of evidence to reach your conclusions. We want you to ask questions, carry out observations and take part in fieldwork.

We want you to develop an understanding of people's values and beliefs.

At the end of each unit in each subject a selection of your work and end of unit assessment will go on in your Assignment Folder. This will provide a record of your achievements in Humanities subjects and will be part of KS3 National Curriculum Assessment.

Homework will be set when appropriate in each subject and you will be expected to study at home to make the most of your lessons at school.

In year 7 Geography we find out what geography is, look at where people live and study the work of rivers.

In year 7 History we study ‘Medieval Times' 1066 - 1500 and ‘The Making of the U.K.' 1500 - 1750.

In year 7 R.E. is incorporated into the school’s new Media Arts Study.

You must choose one course from Geography, History, or Sociology - unless you opt for pathway 3 where Humanities is included in the Vocational Package.

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