In Modern Foreign Languages, we encourage pupils need to understand the following concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.

Linguistic competence

  • Developing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a range of situations and contexts.
  • Applying linguistic knowledge and skills to understand and communicate effectively.

Knowledge about language

  • Understanding how a language works and how to manipulate it.
  • Recognising that languages differ but may share common grammatical, syntactical or lexical features.


  • Using familiar language for new purposes and in new contexts.
  • Using imagination to express thoughts, ideas, experiences and feelings.

Intercultural understanding

  • Appreciating the richness and diversity of other cultures.
  • Recognising that there are different ways of seeing the world, and developing an international outlook.



  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn term Topic Bienvenue

  • Greetings
  • Learning French alphabets

Toi et moi

  • Countries and nationalities
  • Talk about brothers and sisters

  • Talk about yourself
  • Talk about someone else

Ma vie

  • Daily routine
  • Giving opinions

  • Learn about France
  • Types of cities


  • Talk about family
  • Jobs
Spring Term Topic Au collège

  • School subjects and opinions about them
  • Clothes and uniform

Mes loisirs

  • Sports you like and dislike
  • What you do on the weekend
Famille et copains

  • Family members
  • Talk about family

A table

  • What you eat and drink at breakfast
  • Food for lunch and dinner
Programme de la visite

  • Near future
  • What you are going to do next week

La forme

  • Talking about keeping fit
  • Healthy living
Summer Term Topic Ma ville

  • Where you live
  • What do you do at home in the evening

Les vacances

  • Where you are going on holidays
  • Near future
Une semaine à Paris

  • Going on holidays
  • Near future

Visite en France

  • Activities you would like to do
  • Describing an area/hotel
La mode

  • Clothes
  • Shopping for clothes

En plein dans l’actu

  • Understanding news
  • Programmes on TV


An increasing number of pupils continue their study of a language in KS4. In addition students can be entered for a GCSE in a community language of which they should already have a working knowledge. 

From September 2013, students can take a full course GCSE in French, Spanish or a number of Community Languages. The list of community Languages on offer are also advertised to pupils between November and December. 

Students will develop their skills and be assessed in Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing skills and they will be able to continue with a foreign language after they leave school by progressing to the next level of language qualifications either at work or in further education. 

Language skills are useful for employment, in travel, transport, imports and exports, leisure services, hotels, restaurants, banking, advertising, journalism, teaching, industry and commerce. To aid their learning, the MFL department has taken part in a number of language based activities including trips and pupil exchanges. We continue to continue to build on the success of our extra- curricular activities as they have made a huge difference to the overall learning experience of all language learners at Acton High.

For a more detailed breakdown of the GCSE courses please click on the links below:


In languages homework is set at least once a fortnight. The focus is on Literacy and extended writing. Other homework tasks are given to cover vocabulary tests, spelling, reading and comprehension and dictionary search. All homework is marked according to our marking policy.

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