The Mathematics Department aim to:

  1. Provide all students, regardless of their ability and background, with the opportunity to reach their full potential in Mathematics;
  2. Give each student the feeling that learning Mathematics is simulating and enjoyable;
  3. Provide the skills, knowledge and understanding to allow students to be able to solve problems, to reason and to think logically;
  4. Provide the necessary skills to apply Mathematics across the curriculum and in real life situations;
  5. Incorporate the use of ICT into teaching to stimulate learning.

In Year 7, students are taught in mixed ability groups during their first Month of Transition. The topics covered are differentiated to cater to the individual needs of the pupil. Students are taught in ability groups afterwards. Students are then targeted to do a 2 year Key Stage 3. During this time, students are prepared for modules which take place at the end of Year 8.

The curriculum covers all areas of Mathematics. These include: Mathematical Processes and Applications; Number and Algebra; Geometry and Measure; Statistics.

Regular assessments take place to monitor progress and to allow students the opportunity to move to a group that is better suited to their needs.


All students take GCSE mathematics from year 9 to year 11.The deparment offers a mixture of linear and modular courses to cater to the needs of the students.

Statistics is offered to students who meet their targets at the end of year 9.


  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 (KS4)
Autumn term Topic Logic, Place Value, Graphs-Directed numbers and coordinates, Money-addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of decimals, Basic Geometry, Sequences, Area and Perimeter Mathematical Diagrams, Factors and multiples, Pythagoras Theorem, Rounding and Estimating, Data analysis, Nets & Surface Area, Ratio & Proportion, Algebra -Brackets Integers and Decimals, Factors and Multiples, Indices, Fractions, Coordinates, Algebraic Manipulation, Shapes, lines and angles, Collecting and displaying data, Probability
Spring Term Topic Fractions, Data collection, presentation and display, Sequences, Time, Timetables and Mileage Charts, Negative numbers Fractions, Percentages and Decimals, Probability of two events, Probability tree diagrams, Angles, Bearings and Maps, Formula-Change of Subject, Money and Time, Straight Line Graphs Fractions Decimals & Percentages, Perimeter and Area, Formula and Linear equations, Linear Graphs, Simultaneous equations
Summer Term Topic Decimal and Fractions conversion, Data analysis, Scale Drawing, Probability-Single events, Volume of Solids Polygons-Classification of quadrilaterals, Circles and Cylinders, Units of Measure-Imperial and metric units, Speed Distance and Time, Similarity. Questionnaires and Analysis Statistical Measures, Scatter Graphs, Circle Geometry, Area  and Perimeter, Similar shapes, Menstruations, Displaying data, Linear Equations


  Year 10 Year 11
Autumn Term Topic Data collection, Types of sampling, Displaying data, charts and graphs, Averages and Measures of spread, Probability Tree diagrams, Histograms, Scatter graphs and Correlation Solving equations, Simplifying expressions, Factorising expressions, Solving inequalities, Bounds, Manipulating algebraic fractions
Spring Term Topic Area and Perimeter, Volume, Circle geometry, Ratio and scale, Formulae, Linear graphs, Surds, Vectors Vectors, Sine–cosine graphs, Graphs of exponential and more complex functions, Re-arranging complex equations, Solving quadratic equations
Summer Term Topic 3D shapes, Plans and Elevations imperial and Metric units, Scales and Measures, Constructions, Change of subject, Similarity Topics based on question level analysis of Mock paper


You will be expected to complete at least two pieces of work out of lessons each week which will give parents and guardians an opportunity to see what you are doing at school. This is to consolidate and extend your classroom knowledge.

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