The media is a hugely important influence in society: we all interact with TV, news, the internet, movies and games on a daily basis. Media Studies at GCSE gives students the tools to deconstruct the messages that bombard us and make sense of the world we live in.

Media Studies also provides students with genuine skills they can take to the workplace: project management, team working, creative design and communication. Production work requires discipline, commitment and creativity – attributes that every employer will value.
GCSE Media Studies (OCR) 
• One year course
• 60% controlled assessment; 40% exam
• Current exam topics: Action Adventure film and TV Comedy


Year 10 and 11
Autumn term Topic Introduction to Media Studies; begin Individual and Production Portfolios
Spring Term Topic

Complete Individual and Production Portfolios; start exam topics

Summer Term Topic Exam topics: Action Adventure film and TV Comedy


Students should be engaging with the Media every week throughout the course. At a basic level, this means watching relevant TV programmes and films. However, students should also read broadsheet newspapers (particularly, follow key Media commentators or journalists on Twitter and generally keep up with current affairs.

During the Individual and Production Portfolios (Oct-Feb), students will have a huge amount of work to complete outside of lessons, including filming, photoshoots, evaluations and preparation for written assignments or evaluation.

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