Students receive 4 science lessons per week in Year 7 and 8. These lessons are a combination of practical and theory lessons, with regular activities to support student learning and attainment. Progress tasks and tests provide quantitative data to support the tracking of students, to ensure that all students make good or better progress. Context drives our syllabus, helping to relate science to real-life concepts and experiences.

At Year 9, some students will move on to working towards the AQA separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. This syllabus will be delivered over three years, enabling extensive opportunity to explore these subjects in depth. The remaining students will complete a BTEC qualification in ‘Principles of Applied Science’, ensuring they have the skills to continue onto a double science award of AQA Core Science in Year 10 and AQA Additional Science in Year 11. Regular teacher assessment ensures students are prepared for both their internal assessment (25%) and final external examinations (75%) held in June. GCSE Sixth-form Biology, Chemistry and Physics are offered to students who achieve a minimum ‘B-grade’ in two sciences at GCSE. The AQA syllabus provides continuity, with field trips and University links to extend learning and guidance on future career prospects.

Opportunities for extended learning are provided through the weekly science club. Students are also supported in their learning in revision and catch-up sessions in the science department both at lunch-time and after school.

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 9 Triple
Autumn Term Topic Forensics/Accident & Emergency Life and Living Process/ Energy Chemistry and our Earth AQA Biology B1
Spring Term Topic Alien/Cook Particles and Materials/ Interdependence Energy and our Universe AQA Chemistry – C1
Summer Term Topic Extinction/Electricity Forces Biology and our environment AQA Physics – P1
  Year 10 Year 11
Autumn Term Topic AQA Biology – B1 AQA Biology B1 and B2
Spring Term Topic AQA Chemistry – C1 AQA Chemistry - C2
Summer Term Topic AQA Physics – P1 AQA Physics - P2

Regular homework at Key Stage 3 is provided on Fronter, and takes the form of short revision-style activities to support the learning in class or longer project-based activities to be completed over several weeks, designed to extend learning and explore a topic in depth.

GCSE science homework is provided on Kerboodle; resources include online textbook and specialized learning resources to support every student to achieve theirpotential.

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