School Uniform

should be uniform style and not have pockets along the length of the leg. They should be worn around the waist. Only one pair to be worn at a time. No jeans or canvas trousers.
BLACK SKIRT should be uniform style and an appropriate length, no shorter than top of knee and not be made of denim or stretch fabrics. Long skirts should be no longer than the ankle.
WHITE SHIRT should be uniform style with a stiff collar and buttoned to the top and long sleeves. Long sleeved garments should not be worn under uniform. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
SCHOOL TIE* should be for the correct Year Group.It should be visible, revealing six stripes and not covered by a scarf.
BLACK JUMPER with school logo*. No cardigans to be worn.
FOOTWEAR should be plain black including black soles made of leather or leather imitation. No logos, no boots and no trainers. Black Shoe laces.
TIGHTS / LONG SOCKS should be plain black.
OUTDOOR COAT* should be a black school style jacket: plain with no logos. No hoodies.
JEWELLERY allowed: a watch / one pair small stud matching earrings or small sleepers - one per ear lobe. Any other visible body piercings are not allowed and will be confiscated. A discreet religious symbol may also be worn.
MAKE UP and nail varnish should not be worn in school. Students will be asked to remove it.
HAIR: no extreme hairstyles or hair colour. No hairstyles such as hair tattoos are acceptable.
HEADWEAR: religious headscarves must be plain black or red. Other headwear (such as baseball caps and beanies) not permitted within the school building.
SCHOOL BAG should be plain with no logos and big enough to carry school books, stationery and PE Kit.

School PE Kit

SHIRT* Green with AHS logo.
SHORTS and / or track suit should be plain black.
FOOTWEAR should be trainers or plimsolls of any colour. Football boots optional.
SPORTS SOCKS should be white or black.

School Stationery

Students should always have their own basic stationery set: 

Pupils can purchase these from the school Stationery Shop. Dictionaries for English and MFL can be purchased from the relevant department.. 

* Garments marked  *  are available only from the School Uniform Shop. Other uniform must conform to this list in style and colour. 

All clothing must be clearly marked with the student’s name.

The school may make exceptions to the uniform during periods of extreme weather. Should this be the case, the Head Teacher will inform parents via the website of the start and finish period of the exception. 

Students who do not adhere to the school dress code will be asked to go home and change into the correct uniform and return to school immediately. In any dispute regarding the interpretation of the school uniform the school’s decision will be final, so if you are unsure about the suitability of any particular garment, please consult a member of SLT or Jan Norman on 020 3110 2400 before buying.

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